Be a VIP Parent

Very Involved Parent program (VIP)

FTAC currently offers the VIP program at Marble Valley Regional Correctional Facility in Rutland, Vermont and until 2007, at the Northeast Regional Correctional Facility in St. Johnsbury.  This program allows children with incarcerated parents the opportunity to interact with that parent and most important, for both parents to develop and maintain positive parent/child relationships and improve their parenting skills.

Your participation in this program will allow your child(ren) the opportunity to experience the beneficial rewards of a Very Involved Parent. All VIP participants agree to put their best foot forward and remember, "what we do, we must do for our children"

In order to be eligible for the VIP program, residents must be in good standing with the correctional facility and have prior approval from their caseworker (by signature on the VIP application). Once FTAC receives the application, we will then contact the child's primary care giver to discuss participation. 



What is VIP about?

The VIP program is designed to provide child friendly environments within the Department of Corrections, for supervised parent/child contact can occur and where the focus is on the child(ren). VIP is not NOT like regular visiting time at the correctional facility. All of the tables and chairs are pushed back and the families sit on the floor with a mat that is designated as their family area.

At the beginning of the program (which is one hour each week), the families take turns sharing the "just to let you know letters" and take turns reading pages from that weeks book (which the children keep). That time is the only time during the program that there is group activity. The rest of the program is for each family to talk with one another, engage in games, play with toys, and share a snack together.