What people are saying about FTAC's VIP program

Since 1997 Family Tree has had the pleasure of meeting and working with many children and their families. During this time Family Tree has received numerous letters of support and appreciation.  Particularly, for our Very Involved Parent program for children with incarcerated parents. We are proud to share what people are saying about us. Read on and enjoy!

"... Because of the [Family Tree] program, these two-hour visits were family friendly and promoted continued physical contact and attachment opportunities for a young child and her father... At 10-15 months of age, a child no longer views the father as a secondary mothering person, but primary in his own right. From 15-22 months of age, a child enters a critical phase of development in which the child's future identity is definitavley formed. The developing relationship a child has with her father facilitates the child's psychological health and emerging gender identity...The developmental needs of a child should have the status of inalienable rights. These inalienable rights should have precedence over the rights of parents or the workings of the correctional system. A child whose developmental rights have been compromised has no "second chance".

From a licensed social worker & attachment consultant

N.N. 2003

"We presently view this as an activity that is of high value for the families of the offenders of this facility and their family. This is certainly a strong effort to help prevent the cycles of offenders..."

From administrative personnel at the correctional facility

S.A.B. 2002

"It [has] proved to be an environment that puts them at ease and calms them so they can spend quality time with me. [as] opposed to being in a visiting room full of confusion."

Thank you & support letter from an incarcerated father

R.C. 2005

"Thank you very much for the letters. I have already sent a couple to *******. ******** says that he walked around with them all day once he got them. I've been able to see him on the weekends but I miss the Family Tree visit in the middle of the week. It is really a great thing that you guys do."

     From a father transferred to another correctional facility

J.P. 2005

"...This is the first christmas we will be apart due to my mistakes and it will be nice to be able to see him unwrap his presents with me...It will give him a sense that I am still there for him and that's important to him and I, especially when he doesn't understand where I am, he is only four years old..."

 Thank you from an incarcerated father for Operation Santa

D.B. 2000

“…I have two boys who wouldn’t even speak to their father on the phone when he called and if they did, it wasn’t very pleasant…Then one day, Laurie from the Family Tree called and offered this program to us. At first I wasn’t sure. My boys going to the jail!… When we first arrived, they saw their dad and gave him a big hug…the playing games and talking with their dad was the best. They seemed really at ease. They became closer to him again and wanted to see him, to talk to him and hug and kiss him… We were able to rebuild what we thought we had lost.”

                                                                         From a mother of two boys whose father is incarcerated.



Unknown, 2001

“…During these contact sessions, the offenders identify and understand their parenting strengths and weaknesses, build self-confidence in their parenting abilities, address and correct those concerns which have been identified by outside agencies and develop self-help strategies which lead to an increased self-esteem and successful family independence…”

                                                                      From personnel at the correctional facility

J.C. 2004

“I thank God that we have people that really do care and want to make a difference in our children’s lives."

                                                                                   From an incarcerated father

E.M. 2002

“…it’s not the children’s fault that their parents are in jail, but yet they are the ones suffering. These children didn’t do anything wrong, but yet their the ones paying for it. “

                                                                               Letter of Support from a mother

J.B. 2000

“…Your program also provides the much needed environment that allows positive physical interaction with our children, and a chance to be more involved in their lives. Your program gives us the chance to be more involved with their lives. Your program gives us the chance to sit and read books to our children, play with them in a positive safe setting, and it allows us the time that we need to act as a family. This not only helps the children better understand that they are still loved by the fathers that they no longer get to see on a daily basis, it has also helped us fathers, knowing that through your program, we can still be a positive influence in our children’s lives…”

                                                        From an incarcerated father of an 8 month old child.

M.H. 2005