Parenting and You


Whether you are a custodial or non-custodial parent, possess sole or shared parental rights and responsibilities of your child(ren), or have been appointed guardian to oversee a minor-child's health and welfare, the services available at FTAC can benefit you and your family. 

At the Family Tree Access Center, each parent or party responsible for the well-being of a child is provided the opportunity to experience the rewards of parenthood through:

  • Pursuing and nurturing healthy and beneficial relationships with their children;
  • Developing and maintaining productive communications with their children's other parent, guardian, or legal representative;
  • Engaging in consistent parent/child contact sessions focused on safe and beneficial parent-child interactions; 
  • Professional and objective staff to assist with identifying and fulfilling their children's needs and desires;
  • Recognizing and strengthening their parenting skills and abilities; 

and, upon realizing success; 

  • Finding confidence in themselves to become the very best parent to their children that they possibly can