Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I know if FTAC  has services that will meet mine and my child(ren)'s needs?

          If you currently do not have consistent contact with your children in an environment that is safe and healthy, FTAC may be able to provide services for you and your child(ren).  If you are able to spend time with your children and/or have a court order to do so, FTAC offers different services to ensure that the time you spend with your children is beneficial to all parties involved.  Our supervised visitation services can occur onsite (at the FTAC access loft, which is equipped with "parenting tools" such as games, toys, books, and more) or offsite, so that you can experience "typical parenting" situtations with your child(ren) such as going to the mall, grocery shopping, eating dinner at a resturant, going to the park, and more.

2. What if I am able to see my child(ren) unsupervised?

        FTAC also offers neutral drop-off and pick-up services.  These services are needed when parents need someone to mediate between them and to transfer the child(ren) from one parent to the other.  FTAC may also be able to help you and the other parent learn to communicate with one another.  Parents/parties not in need of supervised services but in need of a safe and healthy environment in which to interact with their child(ren) may also take advantage of our supervised visitation services.

 3. Will I be participating in visits with the other parent?

          In most cases, no. The purpose of having visits with your child(ren) is to focus the attention on them and only them.  You will also not see the other parent when the child(ren) are being dropped off or picked up from the FTAC facility.  An FTAC access facilitator will escort you to the access loft 15 minutes before your scheduled visit and 15 minutes after the visit has ended. Another access facilitator will meet your child(ren) and return with them to the access loft at the begining and end of the access.


 4. What is an Access Facilitator?

        An access facilitator is an employee or volunteer of FTAC who has been trained in providing supervised visitation services.  Generally, there are two access facilitators present at your child contact sessions.  These people are there to help you through the process by encouraging positive parenting skills, assistance with parenting skills, and to ensure that your children are kept safe through out the visit.  The access facilitators also take observation notes of each session.

5. If you are taking notes, then will you be able to testify in court for me?

            No. FTAC does not provide opinions; only objective notes are taken. In the event that you do need an FTAC representative to assist you in the court process, you will need to subpoena the Director of facility in which you are currently participating in.  The purpose of the observation notes is to document time of arrival, content of the session, and any issues that may arise during the session.  These notes can be made available to either party for a small fee.

6. Do I have to pay for FTAC services?

          FTAC is a non-profit organization that does not discriminate due to someone's inability to pay for services.  FTAC has scholarship forms available for you to fill out if need be. Once we have received your form, we will determine your pay rate based on a sliding scale.  All clients will in some way pay for their services, even if the value is not monetary. Please call your local FTAC branch for current rates.